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2009 (Winter) Issue 34  
Social Presence in Synchronous Text-Based Computer-Mediated Communication

Effects of Web-Based Spaced Repetition on Vocabulary Retention of Foreign Language Learners

Computer Use in Foreign Language Teaching: A Case Study from North Cyprus

Evaluating the Impact of Computer Aided Learning Material on Articulation Disorders

Effectiveness of Various Oral Feedback Techniques in CALL Vocabulary Learning Materials

Mobile Assisted Language Learning: English Pronunciation at Learners' Fingertips

Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition in Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication

Research and Trends in Computer-assisted Language Learning during 1990–2008: Results of a Citation Analysis

Benefit of Google Search Engine in Learning and Teaching Collocations

Psychiatric Symptomatology as a Predictor of Cyberbullying among University Students

Gender and Computer Anxiety, Motivation, Self-Confidence, and Computer Use

Perceived Problems of Computer Teachers

Effect of Scale Response Format on Psychometric Properties in Teaching Self-Efficacy